Justin Lépany

Komponist, Gitarrist

Born 1980 in Tokyo

As a composer and performer: my philosophy of
music is simple and founded on one and only
value: honesty. It may sound cheesy so please
let me explain. On the one hand, a musician should
always look forward and search for new directions
and experiments to do; on the other hand, one must
never deny his influences. Far too much musicians
belong to two opposing categories that make no
sense to me: some are stuck in the past and some
won’t even acknowledge the past. On top of that,
a musician, even ambitious, should accept that one
can only be good at one or a few different things.
I’m tired of all those people who pretend they can
play, compose and teach Flamenco, Jazz-fusion,
Delta Blues, French Baroque Music and Death Metal
(and that’s the shortened version) on a top-level when
some of the greatest musicians spend a full lifetime
exploring the same style. Faithful to those principles,
I just work hard in order to be hopefully able to say
one day: I’ve found my very own style.