Nicolas Weiser

Nicolas Weiser is a sound artist, graphic
artist, composer, musician and art theologian.
His work spans the fields of science, art, pop
music and religion. Weiser’s conceptual sound
sketches are not restricted to a purely
aesthetic level; they focus on/explore that
particular “something” behind things and
situations which forever eludes us. His sound
material is not selected on the base of
aesthetic criteria, but according to their
actual context in life. For Weiser, sounds are
essentially a vehicle of meaning and/or
information. This becomes especially clear when,
for instance, he records an artist at work,
letting him comment on the current situation
while he draws, and later proceeds to make field
recordings at the opening of an exhibition so as
to bring together both of these aspects. In this
case, the real social situation of the
production is part and parcel of the artistic
process, and is reflected in an aesthetic
manner. The approach is often both
transcendental and sociological, inasmuch as the
conditions of the possibility of the cultural
situation become thematic. Since Nicolas
Weiser’s aesthetic work refuses to be reduced to
a predefined form catalogue, it can be described
as essentially experimental. In certain
contexts, this can imply a broader experimental
intervention, when – contrary to the public’s
expectations – the musician does not blow into a
trumpet or dismantle his guitar, but launches
into a folksy song. These humoristic games with
the expectations of the prevailing aesthetic
milieu frequently lead to fascinating ruptures
in style.